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  The 2 Beers Solution to Drainage Problems
  November 2nd, 2004

We had a listener who had a severe problem with drainage. An area in his yard was like a swamp. Moss would grow everywhere and the excess water would stand for days. We recommended using a product called Penmax to eliminate the standing water fast. The listener told us he used the Penmax, went inside and drank 2 beers. When he went back outside the water was Gone. Yes, it really works that fast! You can almost watch the water drain away. Penmax will open up the pores of the soil up to 8 feet deep.

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  Dan & Jere’s Simple Cure-All
  November 2nd, 2004

We’ve received many, many requests for a simple formula we’ve been talking about that kills fungus, bacteria, and moss from growing in your lawn, on your plants and trees, and between the cracks in your sidewalk and patios. Here it is:
1-part Hydrogen Peroxide mixed with 9-parts Water
Just mix, pour solution into a spray-bottle, and watch it quickly rid your lawn, plants, and flowers of nasty fungi and bacteria. It’s safe to use around plants and children.

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